Product Review: Build My List by Jimmy Kim.

Product Review: Build My List by Jimmy Kim.

As many people know we here at Friends of Orphanages School help a lot with people wanting to learn different languages. Recently we have decided to also help in other ways such as: community outreach, helping build homes for remote communities and helping people succeed financially. One of many ways, but certainly not the only way, to financial freedom is to learn to make money online. There are many online Guru’s who can give you good advice about how to build your business online, one such Guru is Jimmy Kim.

I recently read an article online that purported to tell the truth about Jimmy Kim’s Build My List program. While I have not tried Jimmy Kim’s program, I can honestly say that it looks legit. And for just $49.00, might be worth it for you to try.

Who is Jimmy Kim?

Jimmy Kim is a successful online marketer and SEO/Internet/Email Marketing Guru. He has amassed a lot of wealth through his online businesses and now wants to pass that knowledge on to others. While I do not know anyone who has taken his course it appears that he is honest and upfront about what he does and sincerely wishes to help others succeed.

While there are many people who try and help people succeed online such as the folks at Wealthy Affiliate and No More BS Reviews these folks generally talk about affiliate income rather than building a long standing client base – which is what Jimmy Kim does.

What this course will not do.

I have to warn people that no course you take online, offline or any other type of line will ever be a push button, one step millionaire program – YOU MUST TAKE ACTION AND PUT IN WORK! If you are lazy and just want to pick up a paycheck for minimum effort, well good luck.

With that stern warning and based upon the link above it does appear that you will build a strong long term client based business if you follow the course listed above. Again this is no get rich quick scheme, this is a well thought out long term strategy for making money. You must put the same work into it that you would a real business … because it is a real business course.

There will be more …

This is the first of many articles here at the site that will be dedicated to helping people make more money online, offline and beyond. Please remember that there are multiple ways to make money out there and some, like the internet, are very sexy. Always remember that money is money and no matter how you make it, it is still money – whether you recycle bottles and cans, dig ditches or you are a multi-million dollar internet entrepreneur … remember all money spends and you have to start somewhere.

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